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Most organisations are running many projects. Some of these can be large external project and others are a variety of internal improvement projects. Two issues can seriously impair the effectiveness of these projects:

     A lack of skill and experience in Project Management resulting in projects failing to meet their objectives.

      Too many uncoordinated projects resulting in risk to the organisation’s operational performance and potential for conflicting objectives and unnecessary duplication.

CorGuv’s Project Support Services are designed to resolve both these issues. We have Association of Project Management (APM) Level 3 certification in the latest techniques and methods.

The Service

CorGuv offers Project Support in two different ways:

      Project Management Support: We provide support to Project Manager’s who are either inexperienced, lack training, or are too busy to attend thoroughly to all the many functions necessary to maintain project success. We can provide support in writing Project Management Plans, Risk Management, Stakeholder Management, Scheduling & Resource Management, Change Management, Change Control, Configuration Management, & Monitoring & Control. If necessary we will ensure that some of our skills are passed on to our clients’ staff; in effect giving on-the-job training to the less experienced.

      Project Governance Support: We provide advice on setting up proper Project Governance Systems, the aim of which is to ensure that the project portfolio is using resources in and effective way, is avoiding conflict with operational priorities, that the skills and structures are in place, and that the work carried out supports the business in every way.

Our Approach

We are very pragmatic in our approach, the key elements are which are listed below:

      Sustainability: We always like to leave our clients in a position to carry one the work we have done. We therefore work closely with Project staff to pass on our skills so they can be useful in the next project.

      Professional: We have professional qualifications in the strongest pool of knowledge on Project Management, the Association of Project Managers (APM).

      Culture & Change: All projects are about change in one form or another. At the heart of all projects are the stakeholders. Dealing with them in a human way is at the core of Project Leadership.

      Business Driven: The only purpose of undertaking projects is to get benefits for the business. These can be political or economic, but whatever they are, they must be realised. We will always keep this as a focus in all our project management activities.


We have Association of Project Management certification and can provide Project Management support and on-the-job training for hard-pressed Project Managers.

In addition, we can provide advice and implementation services in setting up Project Governance in order that your projects achieve their objectives without disrupting your operation.



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